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4 x 4 Evolution – PS2

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Quick Overview

4×4 Evolution

4×4 EVO for PlayStation 2 hits the road with a truckload of new features including, revamped vehicle physics for even more realistic driving, controls that utilize Sony’s pressure-sensitive analog buttons, and improved graphics which take advantage of the PlayStation 2’s power. In addition, 4×4 EVO for PlayStation 2 showcases three new vehicles, Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2WD, Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Race SUV.

4×4 EVO for the PlayStation 2 also offers many of the same, great features found in the PC, Mac and Dreamcast versions including:

  • Offroad Action
    Taking the term “off road” to the extreme, gamers can drive anywhere within each of the 15 gorgeous vast areas which replicate zones from painted deserts to treacherous mountaintops to tropical island chains. Unrestricted by walls or pre-determined boundaries, racecourses consist of checkpoints strewn along the wide-open countryside. Drivers choose their own paths while negotiating whatever terrain lies between.
  • Real Vehicles
    4×4 EVO’s 70+ licensed vehicles are incredibly detailed and accurate versions of their real-life counterparts. From tailgate to brush guard, each 4×4 in the game looks and drives exactly like it does on (and off!) the road. A truck’s personality and performance is also subject to its owner’s whims. Drivers buy their truck at the showroom, but competition purses and hidden treasures stashed in the outback will provide drivers with the funds they need to buy upgrade parts and equipment. And if a 4×4 isn’t performing to its driver’s standards, it can always be taken to the garage for some in-depth tweaking.
  • Serious Competition
    The competition in 4×4 EVO doesn’t cheat–it doesn’t have to. Instead of adhering to preset racing lines, the game’s expert AI drivers navigate the courses just like the gamers, from checkpoint to checkpoint, only faster and smarter. These ruthless drivers can analyze and react to any driving situation and will take every opportunity to slam gamers off course to ensure them of one less contender for the trophy.
  • Graphics
    4×4 EVO’s visuals scream with realism, with shadows reflecting the time of day (four from which to choose), three different weather conditions, highlights glinting from polished chrome and fresh showroom paint, and the sun dazzling and blinding drivers as it peeks through looming crests. Splats of debris and mud erupt through thick clouds of road dust, and amazing wakes and rooster tails disturb the glassy surface as trucks crash through rivers and streams.
  • Real World Physics
    Each of the courses is thickly populated with objects and obstacles, some that move under their own power, and some that require a nudge. Terminal Reality’s real-time, real-world physics modeler was used for everything from the farm fences drivers blow through to the powerful express locomotives that stop for no one. Trucks feature super-accurate suspensions that dip and react to every mogul and sinkhole. Drivers will find themselves leaning to anticipate hard turns and steering for all they’re worth as they rock and jolt along with the unforgiving terrain.

4×4 EVO has received fantastic praise from the gaming and consumer press. GamePro Magazine described the game as “jaw-droppingly gorgeous” while Game Informer Magazine said that 4×4 EVO is “destined to rule your free time.” In addition, AutoWeek wrote that with 4×4 EVO “your wildest truck-racing fantasies can come true” and The Times said the game takes a “different spin on conventional racing games.”


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