1945 I&II The Arcade Game PS2

1945 I&II The Arcade Game – PS2

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1945 1+2

1945 1&2 The Arcade Game is retro gaming at it’s very best. This classic, licenced arcade shooter provides a solid challenge regardless of the players ability. This game has something to suit all shoot’em up aficionados; Carpet Bombing, Massive Attacks, Seemingly Inpenetrable Misile Storms and devious enemy attack patterns.

  • Superbly balanced gameplay with 6 diferent planes, each with it’s own way of inflicting maximum devastation.
  • All planes featurem both primary & special attacks.
  • Lots of different missions to undertake, each one with clear & simple objectives, featuring minor & major bosses, set against immense & unique locations and endings with massive, screen-filling end of level bosses.
  • Blast enemies to expose power-up items including: Super shots, Bombs and energy power-ups.
  • Reveal hidden gold bars that earn more points.
  • Selectable difficulty, from really easy to brain numbing difficulty.
  • Outstanding machine machanics – a controlled system that can easily mastered by an age or ability of player.

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