What is Gaming Squad?

About Us

Gaming Squad was an idea that was created out of one of those often “silly” dream conversations you have with your friends.

While we were working one day and chatting about Gaming and the influences it can have on all ages (as well as mentioning that todays generation often will not understand the 8-16 bit process of gaming) it came to a point of why not do something about it and create a stand alone Independent Gaming Shop.

Almost a year down the line you find us here on your screen, inside your home and I do hope you have visited what will be the first of many of our stores.

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What we do

We provide a Retail environment for consumers to browse through our stock, take a trip down memory lane and talk about everything Gaming Related.

We want it not to just be a shop but to be a community, this is why we have added a trade counter so stock is constantly new with many many title to choose from. We are also able to search through our other businesses and links to locate games that you may be looking for and order them in for you.

We also aim to stock many different accessories (as space will allow) to give a full frontal visual realisation of gaming.

We shall also offer the all important Gaming Squad Repair Centre for any console repairs that you may require.

When did we start?

We have always been passionate Gamers so I guess we started many many years ago, the dynamic of the team is split up brilliantly with both retro and modern gaming heavily known about, meaning we can lean on each other for information.

In terms of a Retail environment, we come from a background of owning and running businesses but up until 2014 had never considered turning our passion into a business. We are now across multiple locations to give you a wider choice.

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