What is Gaming Squad?

About Us

The Gaming Squad are a quickly expanding company who are challenging the conventional way of Gaming Retail.

With each one of our stores being unique by carrying each Store Manager’s personality we are proud to stand out from the crowd slightly.

Well known for our sheer volume of Retro Gaming we also stock a wide range of Independent Modern Gaming titles for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One Generation. We deal in pre-owned goods at competitive prices as well as stocking Brand New Releases from certain developers.

It is fair to say we have a wide range of Gaming needs covered and are probably considered as a unique and quirky store compared to our competition. Each store has the added bonus of proudly having individual extra’s.

Whether that be;

– Stocking a wide range of old retro Toys
– Unique ability to play on some of our old Gaming Kiosks
– Unique artistic decoration.

Naturally we are also able to facilitate orders from all over the world with our web shop.

With 2018 fast approaching we are expecting to open a further 10 stores including our first out of mainland United Kingdom. With new franchisees consistently seeing potential for value within the brand and ourselves continuing to support company operated stores, it looks like there will be a store near you very soon.

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What we do

We offer in each of our stores a full frontal visual realisation of gaming, so whether it be Atari, Commodore & Spectrum you are looking for or Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft, the chances are we will have you covered.

We want each Gaming Squad store to feel like part of the community. Many people travel from further afield sometimes to just look at the Aladdin’s cave of Gaming and to have that nostalgia trip down memory lane.

In each store you are able to purchase Gaming Squad branded clothing or unique gifts, perfect for those who are wanting a small gift for the Gamer’s within their family but not quite sure which Video Game’s or Consoles to look for.

Meet the Squad

The leader of our Gaming Squad is Agent Gamer, although not often seen in the public eye he is the one who is responsible for controlling all of our events and promotions as well as being in charge of the VIP Club.

We have Atari Adam who is perhaps one of our more competitive members of the squad. If we ever have a friendly gaming night it normally ends up in Adam arguing with someone over a high score due to his competitive streak, unfortunately for Adam as the Gaming technology has grown he has somewhat being left a but mystified and lacks a serious challenge on any modern Games (So we just avoid Pacman and Space Invaders nights!)

I guess you could say the opposite end of the Spectrum to Adam would be Microsoft Mike. In terms of Age, Generation and Technology you could not get two more different people. Mike is an obsessive FPS gamer and can often go missing for days at a time being glued in his room to his headset in the dark. We often question how he survives as the only time you see him materialising from his room is to get snacks and sugary drinks!

The challenge of getting Mike out of his room and into our Gaming Nights falls upon Nintendo Nina. She is certainly a unique member of our team being very happy to be different to the rest of us. Nina is all about getting the Squad together for a good, fun multi player party. She massively disagrees with Mike about FPS Games but accepts that all will do what they love.

This is quite the opposite to Sony Sonia who will quite happily go head to head with Mike and Adam in whatever challenge they are all wanting to face. With her and Mike being the youngest of the Squad they are regularly arguing about rights and wrongs of Microsoft and Sony but it is always settled by a good competitive competition. (Once they’ve decided which console!)

That leaves one member of our Gaming Squad left, me! Sega Steve. Now I am quite relaxed and do not need to fall out with the rest of my unusual family!! I do not need to prove my worth in competitions and am exceptionally comfortable at things happening at high speed (Just like my friend Sonic!)

I am sure you would say we are a unusual bunch but we are passionate about all of our Gaming loves! Just like the staff who work in our Stores. While we may not know everything about every single bit of Console Gaming, we do hold specialities in our own particular passion and within the company we will have someone who has the knowledge for a question you may require answering.

So why not drop by and give us a visit soon!

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